Name: Alex Donald Karger

Age: 24 Years

Sex: Male

Location: Chicago area.

Education:  BA in Game Design and Simulation Arts.

      My name is Alex Karger.  I am 24 years old, and have a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design and Simulation Arts.  I have been working in the industry for the past year on Ilvast with Addadragon Studio.

      I have been in love with design and gaming since I was very young.  In elementary school, I spent most of my time on computers making pixel art , logos, and using 2-D game engines to craft my own characters and worlds.  During my life as an artist and a gamer, I have played games and viewed designs with an eye for how and why they're made.

      I'm always creating, and making people smile is what keeps me going each day.  Communication and working with others are some of my main strengths.

      I continue to look for entry level opportunities to hone my skills and gain professional experience.

      Click  here  to check out some of my work.  View my résumé to get my contact information

Some Software I have Experience With:

Maya          Photoshop        Zbrush        Topogun2       AutoCAD

Mudbox       Substance           UE4            Illustrator          Unity